Are you looking to improve your double bass playing?

  • Do you want to develop your technique and play with more accurate intonation?

  • Do you want to learn different styles of music such as jazz, classical and blues?

  • Do you want to learn from some of the best double bass teachers in the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we are here to help. Discover Double Bass is the world’s largest online double bass school with lessons and courses by renowned teachers.


Double Bass courses

For those wishing to explore a topic in detail we sell in-depth courses by expert tutors. These courses are designed to give you the best material, in the right order. Our aim is to remove any guess work from your practice routine so you know exactly what to work on next. 


Double Bass LeSSONs

In addition to our courses we also offer a free lessons library which contains over 100 videos and articles. Each lesson teaches a specific area of double bass playing in a clear and easy to understand fashion. Our tutors cover a wide range of styles and techniques such as jazz, classical, bowing, scales, posture, soloing and much more.


Meet Our Faculty

John Goldsby

John Goldsby

John Goldsby is an acclaimed bassist, educator, clinician and a Bass Player magazine featured writer for over 25 years. He is also a celebrated author of several books and and his hugely popular The Jazz Bass Book has become required reading for any serious student of the double bass.

John has been the double bassist with the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) Big Band in Cologne, Germany since 1994.

His first course for Discover Double Bass was published in February 2019: Jazz Bass Vol.1: Building Up.

John Goldsby’s bass playing was spectacular.
— The New York Times
Geoff Chalmers

Geoff Chalmers

Geoff Chalmers (Discover Double Bass Founder) has performed on numerous gigs, shows, tours and recording sessions. He has a degree in jazz bass, as well as a postgraduate diploma in classical music.

Geoff is also an experienced educator having taught bass at schools, colleges and universities, as well as to hundreds of private students.

“Geoff is not only a great bassist, he is also an awesome bass teacher”
— Scott Devine (Scott’s Bass Lessons)

Lauren Pierce

Lauren Pierce

Lauren Pierce

Based in Texas, USA, Lauren Pierce is our classical double bass expert. Her hugely popular YouTube channel features virtuosic performances of double bass solo repertoire. In her Discover Double Bass courses Lauren covers many different areas of technique including the left hand, bowing and thumb position.

Lauren is one of the best bass players I have ever heard in my life. She has a magic sound, brilliant technique, and wonderful musicality.
— Roman Patkolo

Adam Ben Ezra

Adam Ben Ezra

Adam Ben Ezra

Adam Ben Ezra is a sensational soloist with his innovative techniques and thrilling solo performances.

His course 'The Signature Sounds of Adam Ben Ezra' covers his unique approach to the double bass and teaches you to find your own voice. 

A spellbinding performer.
— The Telegraph

Danny Ziemann

Danny Ziemann

Danny Ziemann

Danny Ziemann is a professional bassist, educator and author of three jazz bass method books, The Low Down Vo1. & 2 and Topics in Jazz Bass. 

His first Discover Double Bass course is 'The Bass Player's Guide to the Trio' featuring a live band. His second course ‘Walk On’ covers bass techniques for intermediate to advanced players.

... an extremely talented bassist full of creativity, enthusiasm and the utmost respect for the tradition.
— Larry Grenadier
Olivier Babaz

Olivier Babaz

Olivier Babaz is a jazz bassist renowned for his incredible bowing technique, as well as for his stunning performances of double bass and kalimba.

Olivier’s first Discover Double Bass course, Jazz Bowing comprises 5 hours of HD video across 61 lessons.

Many know Olivier Babaz for playing kalimba at the same time as bass, but he’s also incredible at jazz bowing!
— No Treble
David Allen Moore

David Allen Moore

David Allen Moore is a bassist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic, an Associate Professor at USC Thornton School of Music.

David is one of our classical double bass experts and an amazing educator. He has released two courses for Discover Double Bass, German Bow Technique and Fractal Fingering.

Several of my past students have studied with David... and it became clear that he was having a profound impact on the way that they thought of the instrument.
— Jason Heath - Contrabass Conversations

Who is Discover Double Bass for?

Are you a beginner looking for lessons to get started with double bass? Are you an experienced player looking for help to improve? Regardless of your experience, or the style of music you play, Discover Double Bass can help you become the bassist you always wanted to be.

If you want to unlock your full potential as a double bass player we have the tools you need to get there. Our lessons are easy to understand and get results quickly. 


Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Geoff Chalmers, Discover Double Bass has pioneered online double bass education. Geoff is a professional bassist and educator who recognised how online learning was transforming the way music was being taught. Access to information via websites like YouTube means you can now find freely available lessons by many of the world’s greatest bass players. However there are also numerous examples of miss-information and poorly taught lessons.

Our mission at Discover Double Bass is to bring you in-depth courses by the world’s best double bass tutors!

In addition to the videos, many of our lessons include detailed transcriptions, written explanations and play-along tracks so will have everything you need to maximise your practice time. We now have over a hundred free lessons, eighteen full length courses and nine tutors with new material coming out weekly. 

Many of our courses contain detailed transcriptions and play-along tracks to help you get the most from the lessons.

Many of our courses contain detailed transcriptions and play-along tracks to help you get the most from the lessons.


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