Frequently asked questions about Discover Double Bass.


The Courses:

Can I view the courses on an iPad or tablet computer?

Yes, you can view the lessons online via any internet browser.


Can I ask questions about the courses?

The tutors are not available to answer questions directly. However we do include membership of a private Facebook group in which you can ask Geoff Chalmers questions and interact with fellow double bassists who are also working on the course.

Please note that the group is hosted on Facebook and we don’t offer an alternative platform.


How long can I access the course for?

As long as you need. There are no further charges once you enrol and you can study at your own pace.


Can I download the lessons?

The videos are available to stream anytime, but you can't download them. You can download any accompanying PDFs and MP3 files.


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have a 30 day full refund policy on all of our courses. Please send us an email if you find your course is not a good fit and we will refund your payment as soon as possible. Please note that we can’t offer refunds on courses bought more than 30 days ago.

YOutube Lessons:

Are the lessons free?


Yes, there's a huge collection of videos and articles that are freely available in the Lessons Library. If you enjoy them please consider taking a paid step-by-step course


Whilst the YouTube video lessons are freely available and contain all the information you need, we also sell the transcriptions, backing tracks and written guidance in the 'YouTube Lessons Guide'. These cover lessons by Geoff Chalmers only.

The material in the Lessons Guide is for the YouTube lessons and not related to the courses. 

What's the 'YouTube Lessons Guide'?


What equipment does Geoff recommend?

It's impossible to recommend equipment as all strings/pickups/amps etc perform differently on different instruments. Here's a list of the gear which I have found works best for me. I've been using the same rig since 2008 and love the way it performs. 

  • German factory bass from around 1880 which has had extensive repair work including a new front and neck graft.

  • Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich Strings. I also love Pirastro Obligato, D'Addario Zyex and Thomastik Spirocore light gauge strings.

  • Fishman Full Circle pickup.

  • Acoustic Image Clarus amplifier (single channel).

  • Euphonic Audio 12” M-Line cab.


What double bass and strings does Lauren Pierce use?

Her double bass is a small Italian instrument from the 1850s, unknown maker. 

Strings: For solo tuning, she uses Pirastro Flatchrome Solos for the top 3 strings and a Spirocore Weich on bottom (I usually have a drop D on bottom).

In orchestra, she uses Bel Cantos with a Spirocore Medium E.

For chamber music, she likes the Flatchrome orchestra strings for the top 2, a Spirocore Weich on the A, and a Spirocore Medium E. 


On the D string: 
Octave D harmonic
G (4th above the octave harmonic)
2nd octave D harmonic 

On the G string: 
E (6th above the octave G harmonic)
B (3rd above the 2nd octave G harmonic)
D (5th above the 2nd octave G harmonic) 

Where are the dots on Lauren's fingerboard?





Skype Double Bass Lessons

No, I’m afraid we don’t offer Skype or in-person lessons. 

Do you offer Private Lessons?

Anything else?

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