Olivier Babaz

Geoff Chalmers

Olivier Babaz is a French double bassist and composer living in Montreal, Canada. Renowned as a jazz bassist with incredible bowing technique, as well as for his stunning performances of double bass and kalimba.

In May 2019 we published Olivier Babaz’s first course for Discover Double Bass, 'Jazz Bowing’. It comprises 5 hours of HD video across 61 lessons.

The course covers a wide range of essential topics. From advice on technique, the bow hold, improvising bass lines and solos with the bow, playing melodies and much more.

Many of the lessons feature guitar and drum accompaniment so you can see how to apply these concepts and ideas in context. Common jazz standard progressions are used such as ‘There Will Never Be Another You’, ‘Solar’, ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’, ‘Alone Together’, ‘Ornithology’, ‘Billies Bounce’, ‘All of Me’, ‘Bernies Tune’, blues and rhythm Changes. There's no classical music here, it's all jazz!

Detailed transcriptions and play-along tracks are included so you will have everything you need to get the most from your practice time!

There is already a lot of material out there for learning classical bowing, but many students find it hard to relate to jazz. I have put this course together to help and inspire you on your journey as an improvising bassist with the bow.
— Oliver Babaz

In this video, we feature clips from our course Jazz Bowing by Olivier Babaz. There are 9 short performances that we enjoyed and wanted to share with you.


behind the scenes of the recording sessions:

Many know Olivier Babaz for playing kalimba at the same time as bass, but he’s also incredible at jazz bowing!
— No Treble

Interview with OLIVIER BABAZ:

In this video Olivier is interviewed by Discover Double Bass's founder, Geoff Chalmers. They discuss a range of topics relating to playing jazz with the bow. These include, is playing classical bass a requirement? Which bassists who use the bow should we check out? And why don't more jazz bassists use the bow?

In this video, Geoff Chalmers and Olivier Babaz discuss what equipment is suitable for playing jazz with the bow

Jazz Bowing by Olivier Babaz:

A comprehensive method with over five hours of lessons that cover jazz bowing technique, from the basics to an advanced level.

Jazz Bowing by Olivier Babaz. 61 lessons, play-along tracks and transcriptions.

Jazz Bowing by Olivier Babaz. 61 lessons, play-along tracks and transcriptions.