Lauren Pierce (Classical Double Bass Specialist)


Based in Texas, USA, Lauren is a double bass soloist and educator. Known for her hugely popular YouTube channel which feature her virtuosic performances, Lauren has also traveled the world as a performer. She has studied with many notable bassists such as Craig Butterfield and Jeff Bradetich and is renowned teacher in her own right.

In 2015 Lauren joined the Discover Double Bass team as our classical double bass expert. She has released numerous double bass lessons on a range of topics. To get started check out this compilation of her five most viewed lessons including the incredible 'Articulations & Markings Guide'.

Lauren Pierce teaching at UNT.

Lauren Pierce teaching at UNT.

Lauren has released four step-by-step courses for Discover Double Bass which have been taken by thousands of students from across the globe. Her infectious enthusiasm for the double bass, carefully planned and hugely effective lessons make her one of our most popular tutors. 

Here's what people are saying about her courses:

‘Concepts of Solo’ Playing is an extremely valuable tool for performers of all levels who strive for greater understanding and success in their solo performance.
— Jeffrey Bradetich - International Double Bass Soloist and Educator

’Left Hand Technique’ is a powerful new tool bass players of all levels can utilize... I will be encouraging all of my colleagues and students to add this course to their library of materials knowing that they will use it often.
— Robin Smith - Principal Bass at Signature Symphony & Educator
Lauren Pierce is a true virtuoso and incredible teacher. Her methods and strategies lay the ultimate foundation for effective practice and continuous improvement.
— Peter Tambroni - Soloist, Educator and Founder of

Lauren Pierce's Double Bass and Strings

Lauren plays a small Italian instrument from the 1850s, unknown maker. 

Strings: For solo tuning, she uses Pirastro Flatchrome Solos for the top 3 strings and a Spirocore Weich on bottom (I usually have a drop D on bottom).

In orchestra, she uses Bel Cantos with a Spirocore Medium E.

For chamber music, she like the Flatchrome orchestra strings for the top 2, a Spirocore Weich on the A, and a Spirocore Medium E. 

The dots on her fingerboard are placed here: 

  • Octave D on the D string 
  • G on the D string (4th above the harmonic) 
  • E on the G string (6th above the octave harmonic) 
  • 2nd D octave on the D string 
  • B on the G string (3rd above the 2nd G harmonic) 
  • D on the G string (5th above the 2nd G harmonic) 

Hear Lauren play:

She is among the very few bass players in her generation who is using her brilliant virtuosity and mature musicianship to bring out the most subtle and refined emotions in any musical work performed on bass.
— Catalin Rotaru
Lauren Pierce proves Sarasate’s flurries of violin-virtuoso notes are no match for her nimble fingers.
— Kyle Macdonald (Classic FM)
She is simply an exception.
— Edicson Ruiz

Lauren has created several step-by-step courses to help you master the double bass, at your own pace and from the comfort of your practice room!