Lauren Pierce's Five Most Popular Lessons

We are so proud to have some of the world's best double bassists teaching at Discover Double Bass. Lauren Pierce is our classical expert and she covers a wide range of subjects in her lessons and step-by-step courses. 

Check out Lauren's five most popular lessons.

#1 - The Vomit Exercise for Double Bass. 

In this video Lauren Pierce teaches you the 'Vomit Exercise'. It's an insanely effective drill to improve your shifting, intonation and bow technique. I know the name sounds a bit crazy, but it's an exercise every bassist should add to their practice routine. Check out the lesson to learn why. This is now Discover Double Bass's most viewed lesson!


#2 - Vibrato Masterclass

In this lesson Lauren Pierce teaches vibrato technique on the double bass, starting with the basics as well as advanced topics such as thumb position vibrato. 

Vibrato technique is a key part of creating expressive music. It’s also one of the hardest things to do on the double bass. If you have heard Lauren play you will know that she can really make her instrument sing and vibrato is a big part of that.


#3 - Phrasing With the Bow

In this video Lauren explores how you can use the bow to improve your phrasing on the double bass. This can help you to play more expressively and creatively.

It was Lauren's first lesson for Discover Double Bass in December 2015. Since then she has created many more awesome lessons, but I still miss the chalk board!


#4 - Double Bass Solo from Mahler: Symphony #1 (3rd Movement)

In this video Lauren Pierce teaches one of the most famous bass solos from the orchestral repertoire. It's taken from Mahler's Symphony #1 at the start of the third movement and I'm sure you will recognise the tune!


#5 - Five Things That are Hurting Your Playing

In this lesson Lauren shares the most common problems she sees with her students double bass technique. There are issues with the right and left hand that can hold you back. These tips are also applicable to any style of music.


Bonus lesson! - Double Bass Articulations & Markings Guide

In my opinion our best ever tutorial was created by Lauren and it's called the 'Double Bass Articulations and Marking Guide'. It was a huge amount of work to put together but we love it and are sure that you will too!  

If you want to learn more from Lauren Pierce please check out one of her step-by-step courses, exclusively on Discover Double Bass.