Geoff Chalmers


Based in the UK, Geoff has performed on numerous gigs, shows, tours and recording sessions. He has a degree in jazz bass, as well as a postgraduate diploma in classical music.

Geoff has studied with many of the best double bassists in the world including Zoltan Dekany, Roberto Carrillo-Garcia, Leon Bosch,  Božo Paradžik and Gjorgji Cincievski. 

In addition to being a busy freelance bassist Geoff is also an experienced educator having taught bass at schools, colleges and universities, as well as to hundreds of private students.

In August 2013 Geoff founded Discover Double Bass with its online lessons library and step-by-step courses.



Geoff is not only a great bassist… he is also an awesome bass teacher

— Scott Devine (founder of Scott’s Bass Lessons)
Geoff Chalmers is an excellent bassist and educator. His lessons at Discover Double Bass are clear, concise, and certain to help bassists of all abilities!
— Steve Gregory (Staff Writer for Bass Musician Magazine)