How Do You Have A Positive Audition Experience?

Audition Tips for Double Bassists

In this episode of Ask Geoff & Lauren we answer the question, ‘How do you have a positive audition experience?’ It’s a great question as if we want to join a new band, group, orchestra, etc it’s likely we will have to go through this process. It’s a common challenge regardless of the style of music you play, so I hope this video will help you play your best music and win the audition!

In the video I refer to an excellent series of podcast episodes on the audition process by Jason Heath over at Contrabass Conversations. You can check out his first one here: ‘Winning the Audition: Preparing for Audition Success’.

I hope you enjoy this video. Please let us know your tips and suggestions on how to have a positive audition experience. I would love to hear your thoughts, so please join the conversation in the comments section below.

Thanks for checking out the video and good luck at the audition!
Cheers Geoff