Double Bass String Height + Bridge Adjusters

Setting Double Bass String Height and Using Bridge Adjusters

In this video we answer a question from Gordon about bridge adjusters and setting the optimum string height for the double bass. This is a great question as string height can have a HUGE impact on the tone and playability of an instrument. We discuss our preferences, as well as our experiences with adjustable bridges.

In the video we refer to string height. The measurement (in millimetres) is taken at the end of the fingerboard. It’s the distance from the underside of the string to the surface of the fingerboard. Not all basses have the same length fingerboards though, so it can only be used as a rough guide. Bear in mind that you need a well shaped fingerboard to achieve a very low string height, without any buzzes.
If you are considering changing your string height and don’t have an adjustable bridge I recommend employing a double bass luthier. The quality of the set up on a bass can have a huge effect on it’s playability, so it’s well worth doing right.

I hope you enjoy the video and please join Lauren and myself in the comments section to keep the conversation going.
Cheers Geoff