What Qualities Do The Best Bass Students Have?

This is a special episode of “Ask Geoff & Lauren” we are joined by Jason Heath. Jason is a superb bassist and teacher who hosts the double bass podcast Contrabass Conversations and is the founder of www.doublebassblog.org. I would recommend you check those out as they are both incredible resources.

In todays video we answer the following question:
“What qualities and practices have you seen in your students who make the most progress?”

I’m always fascinated by what sets apart the great double bass students. What is it that they are doing which gets such fantastic results? We share our thoughts and also discuss the common mistakes we see as double bass teachers.

I would like to thank Jason and Lauren for joining me in the video, as well as you for taking the time to watch it. I hope you enjoy the discussion and if you would like to join the conversation please leave a comment below.