What are the Best Hybrid Strings for Double Bass?

In this episode of 'Ask Geoff & Lauren' we answer the question 'what are the best hybrid strings for double bass?'

We share our recommendations for hybrid double bass strings that are suitable for jazz, classical, bluegrass and more. Finding the perfect string has been a life long quest for both of us so we share what has worked and what you should bear in mind if you are on the hunt for your perfect string. 

Some of the brands we discuss are:
Pirastro: 'Evah Pirazzi' Weich' &  'Original Flatchrome'
D'Addario: 'Kaplan' & 'Zyex'
Thomastik: 'Spirocore' & 'Belcanto'

I hope you enjoy the video and please join us in the comments section to let us know what strings you're using. Cheers Geoff