5 String Double Bass Vs C Extension

Is a five string double bass better than a bass with a C extension?

In this video we answer a question from Pim who wanted to know our views on 5 and 6 string basses. These are much more common in the bass guitar world, especially the 5 string bass, but many double bassists prefer a C extension to get those low notes. I actually play a 5 string bass guitar and love it, but for double bass I generally prefer to keep it simple with a regular four string bass. However the sound of those low notes, especially with a bow is incredible! Plus you can even play a 5 string with a high C in the style of artists such as Renaud Garcia-Fons. It’s a huge topic so if you are considering getting a five or six string bass, or even a C extension, check this out.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any questions for future shows or would like to join the conversation on this topic please leave a comment below.