How To Play 10th Chords On The Double Bass

I’m often asked about playing chords on the double bass. They can sound amazing, but sometimes the fingering choices can be a challenge, especially when it comes to intonation. The easiest and most commonly used chords are major and minor 10ths. I cover how to play those with great tuning, using the best fingering choices, as well as a few options for 7th chords.


I also reference a couple of my other lessons which you can view here:

Playing Chords on the Double Bass (L#28). This features a composition of mine called ‘Out of Focus’ at the start of the lesson which uses many different chord types.

Tune for Rob (L#60). This lesson teaches my composition ‘Tune for Rob’ which uses 10th chords throughout. Liz is a wonderful double bassists/singer songwriter from Australia. Follow the link to check out her website or view her latest double bass YouTube videos here.


I hope you enjoy the video, it would be great to hear your thoughts on it, so please join the discussion in the comments. Cheers Geoff