Essential Skills For Gigging Bassists

In this video lesson I continue with our series of ‘Real World Gigging Tips for Double Bassists’, looking at the skills you need to become the ‘first call’ bassist in your town!

For me, playing live is the most fun part of music and I hope these videos encourage you to start gigging, or if you are more experienced, to do more gigs!

This video is taken from in a short series called ‘Real World Gigging Tips for Double Bassists’ in which I cover a wide range of topics related to playing live. You can check out the other lessons here:

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I also give a shout out in the video to John Marley from


I hope you enjoy the video and if you have suggestions for other gigging skills, please share them in the comments section below. It’s great to hear your thoughts so please join the conversation and tell us your ideas.