Tune For Rob – Jazz Study Piece For Double Bass

In this video lesson I’m paying tribute to a double bassist who has been a big influence on my playing, Rob Amster (1964-2013). Rob Amster was the jazz singer Kurt Elling’s first call bassist from 1995 till he passed away in 2013. I would recommend that you check out some of Kurt Elling’s music from that period as the bass playing is truly world class. A particular favourite of mine is Kurt Elling and Rob Amster’s composition that’s based on a poem by Theodore Roethke called ‘The Waking’.

I’ve recently been preparing a new lesson on playing tenths and after listening back to the study piece I prepared I realised it sounds similar to ‘The Waking’, so I’ve called it ‘Tune for Rob’ as a tribute to Rob Amster.

I hope you enjoy ‘Tune for Rob’ and the lesson. If you have any questions, lesson requests or want to share some more of Rob’s music, please leave a comment below.


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