‘The Glide’ – Intonation/Tuning Exercise For Double Bassists

In this lesson I teach you the ‘Glide Exercise’, which will really help you improve your intonation. If like most bass players I know you are looking for ways to improve your intonation then I recommend giving this a try. It’s very simple to understand, but hard to do, so make sure you spend some time working on the ‘Glide Exercise’ as I’m sure you will see improvements in your tuning.

It relies on a great left hand shape and accurate shifting which are both crucial if you want to play in tune. Combine these with careful listening and you will have everything you need to play with clarity and great intonation!

The ebook I reference in this lesson is available as part of the Bass Player Toolbox. I also mention ‘tuning anchors‘ a few times which are essential if you want to play in tune on the upright bass.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any questions, feedback or lesson requests please leave a comment below.