“Tuning Anchors” How To Find The Notes & Play Them In Tune!

Essentail Double Bass Technique for Playing in Tune

In this video I show you how I use ‘tuning anchors’ to help find the notes and play them in tune. It’s done by using physical reference points on the double bass and removes the guess work when shifting. It’s a simple concept, but it makes a big difference and I use it every time I play.

If you are unsure how to move about the fingerboard and get to the notes you want to play, with rock solid intonation, then this lesson is for you. The upright bass can be a tough instrument and this method will help make it a lot easier.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any suggestions on how to improve your intonation please share them in the comments section below. This is a huge topic for upright bassists and I’m sure we would all welcome any new ideas.

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