Double Bass Thumb Position Lesson. Pt 1 – ‘The Transition’

Double bass thumb position technique is one of my most commonly requested topics so I’ve put together a series of lessons to explain my method. In this first video I teach you how to transition into thumb position. If you want to play higher up the neck without worrying about you tuning then this lesson is for you!

The double bass can seem like a hard instrument to play up high, but if you use this method you will soon be able to play solos and bass lines in thumb position just as easily as you do with the low notes.

I’m joined at the start of this video by the superb guitarist Danny Maddocks. We were jamming whilst filming the sessions for ‘Creating Walking Bass Lines’ and came up with the riff which I use to help demonstrate the method I outline in the lesson. To check out more of Danny’s playing, check out his You Tube Channel.

In the video I reference this lesson on learning the fingerboard using the neck heel

Once you have seen this video you can also check out the follow up lesson:
‘The Method’ – Double Bass Thumb Position Lesson Part 2.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any lesson suggestions or feedback,  please let me know in the comments section below.


Creating Walking Bass Lines

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