The Double Bass Survival Guide

I’ve called this video the ‘Double Bass Survival Guide’ and in it I teach you the best way to care for your double bass and avoid potential hazards that may cause damage to your instrument.

I show you how to pick up the bass, rest it in a corner, get it in and out of its cover and carry it up stairs. I also share the main things to look out for that may potentially damage your upright bass.

I hope that this video will help you to keep your instrument in great condition and avoid any costly repair work.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any tips of your own I would love to hear them. Any ideas are very welcome, so please leave a comment below.

Cheers Geoff

P.S This video is a free preview from my 'Beginner’s Double Bass' course. It’s a 5+ hour step-by-step video method which covers all the essential information to get you playing with great technique, right from day one!