Lauren's Favourite YouTube Double Bassists - Pt.3 Pop (& everything else!)

Lauren Pierce's Top YouTube Pop Double Bass Videos

Here's part three of Lauren's list of favourite YouTube videos. She covers pop music, but really it's anything that isn't jazz or classical!

Alex - Punch Brothers (Paul Kowert)

This is one of my favorite songs by the Punch Brothers, and I love this performance of it. I think Paul’s playing is just beautiful (in this video and just as a general statement). It’s quite delicate when it needs to be, and his sound compliments Chris Thile’s voice so perfectly.

Daft Punk Chaconne - Sam Suggs

Sam Suggs is one of the most special musicians I know. He’s an incredible performer, composer, writer, and way too smart for his own good. This Daft Punk Chaconne is so unique as a composition and Sam’s performance is oodles of fun to watch.

Somewhere Only We Know - Simply Three (Nicholas Villalobos)

I’ve always loved this song, so I was really excited when Simply Three released their cover of it. I was even more excited hearing their bass player, Nick, playing the melody with that beautiful tone of his. He makes the opening of this song very sweet and intimate.

If you haven’t already, you should follow his Instagram: nvbass

Mega Man 2 Theme - David Wong, JFlo, and Man Wai Che

I knew Man Wai when he was at the University of North Texas with our teacher, Jeff Bradetich. He was an amazing player and always had such unique ideas and ways of thinking, so seeing this video of him years later just made sense.

How awesome and nerdy is this though??

I Want You Back - Lake Street Dive (Bridget Kearney)

This is the first video I ever saw of Lake Street Dive, and it’s still my favorite. Lake Street Dive is made up of super talents, with bassist Bridget Kearney being no exception. Her bold playing and sassy tone bring a totally different character to an old favorite.

Lloyd Goldstein - Lean on Me

Lloyd Goldstein is a Music Practitioner and Artist in Residence at the Moffitt Cancer Center - his job is to play music for cancer patients in treatment and recovery, and he has composed and arranged a bunch of music for solo bass for this purpose. This performance of his “Lean on Me” arrangement is beautifully played, but also very touching knowing the kind of person Lloyd is.

“Love Affair” by Ennio Morricone - DaXun Zhang and Doo Woong Chung

This arrangement of “Love Affair” for 2 basses and piano is so lovely! Both DaXun and Too Woong sound great, but when DaXun comes in with the return of the melody at 1:12, I almost can’t handle it because it’s so beautiful. He just has this way of making time feel like it’s standing still.