Lauren's Favourite YouTube Videos: Pt.1 - Classical

The Best Classical Double Bassists on YouTube!

DaXun Zhang - Meditation (from the opera “Thaïs”) by Jules Massenet:

I went through a period where I watched this video every day. There’s just something about DaXun’s phrasing and warm, tender tone quality that hits me in a way other recordings don’t. 

Rinat Ibragimov - Gran Duo by Giovanni Bottesini: 

Rinat’s recording of the Bottesini Gran Duo is a favorite for a few reasons - the obvious being that Rinat is absolutely fantastic and this recording is diva as all hell. I love that he is sharing the stage with his daughter, Alina, who also happens to be unbelievable. The chemistry between these two makes this recording really special.

Božo Paradžik - Intermezzo and Tarantella by Reinhold Glière: 

This is another recording I watched every single day for a while there. What I love so much about literally anything Bozo plays is how much care he puts into every moment - no phrase, no note, no pitch goes by without intention. He manages to play those fast notes with machine gun-like clarity, while simultaneously being incredibly musical. 

I also love that he makes his pianist wait in between the Intermezzo and Tarantella so he can tighten his bow. 

Maxim Vengerov - Violin Concerto by Jean Sibelius: 

Maxim is quite possibly my favorite musician ever. He’s brilliant and exceptional, but he just truly loves what he does, and that really comes across in his playing. There are so many wonderful performances of Maxim on YouTube, but I think his interpretation of the Sibelius Violin Concerto truly captures what he’s all about as a musician. 

And if you want to hear him talk about his thought process behind his phrasing, check out this masterclass on the Sibelius: 

Edgar Meyer - Bach & Friends: 

I can’t make a list of my favorite recordings without including Edgar. I love that man, and I love this video. It’s simple, but so beautiful and inspiring. It’s just Edgar talking about his relationship with Bach and his own musical journey, all while his performance of the 2nd suite prelude plays in the background. I watch this video anytime I’m in a bit of a slump or just need a lift. 

Runner up…

Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile - “Why Only One?”

Surprise! It’s another Edgar video. I’ll bet you weren’t surprised. I just adore anything that man creates, and whenever he and Chris Thile get together, the result is going to be amazing. The playing is beautiful, the scenery is stunning, and the camera work is super cool.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the videos and what what are your favourites. I love to hear new music so please join us in the comments and share your favourites. - LP

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