Geoff's Favourite YouTube Double Bassists - Pt.2: Classical

The best classical double bass videos on YouTube. 

In this selection of my favourite YouTube double bassists I share some classical recordings that are at the top of my ‘most played’ playlist! Of course I've only scratched the surface of the incredible music on YouTube, but I hope you enjoy the selection. GC

Mikyung Sung - Bottesini 'Elegy No. 1 in D' 

Korean double bassist Mikyung Sung is one of my favourite classical soloists. Her virtuosic performances will take your breath away, but more importantly she is also one of the most expressive musicians I've ever heard. I love the way she phrases her music and communicates her ideas in a unique and beautiful way. Here are two examples of her incredible double bass playing.

Mikyung Sung - R.Gliere 'Tarantella'

Bassiona Amorosa Featuring Roman Patkoló & Maxim Vengerov - 'Czardas'

I was first shown this video by a teacher of mine Paul Miller (principle bassist with Opera North). I can still remember watching it on his old computer and being completely dumbfounded. Paul was a great teacher and showing me this video taught me the lesson that anything is possible on the double bass.
It’s a truly astonishing performance by bassist Roman Patkoló and I love that it’s a light hearted, fun vibe on stage with everyone enjoying the moment.

Jeff Bradetich - Elgar Cello Concerto (1st Mov)

I could have picked any one of Jeff Bradetich's YouTube videos as they are all amazing, especially his performances of the Bach cello suites. However I just love this version of the Elgar Cello Concerto (1st Mov) and I hope you do too!

Rinat Ibragimov - Bach Cello suite No.3 Movement 1.

I love Rinat Ibragimov's playing and in particular the video Lauren shared in her list of favourite YouTube double bassists. My second favourite is this masterful performance of Bach's third cello suite.

Božo Paradžik - Bruch: 'Kol Nidrei'

Božo Paradžik was a visiting bass tutor when I was studying classical music at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. He would come several times a year and it was always a joy to study with him. He has an incredible amount of talent, a formidable work ethic and a gift to be able to communicate something very personal with his music. There are a lot of great bassist I can point to, but only a handful who’s playing is as moving and genuine as his.

Renaud Garcia-Fons - 'Aqa Jan'

There are very few musicians who develop a truly individual voice on their instrument & Renaud Garcia-Fons is one of them. In this video he showcases his virtuosic technique, original music and soulful playing. I have listened to the album version of 'Aqa Jan' hundreds of times. I find it so uplifting and a truly beautiful composition. This version was filmed on a mountain! 

Edicson Ruiz - 'Vals Natalia' by Luis Laguna

Venezuelan double bassist Edicson Ruiz is a true virtuoso. He has numerous videos documenting his astonishing technique so I thought I would share one of his simpler performances, but one that's played with a lot of passion!  

Ethan Jodziewicz & Sierra Hull play Bach Invention #6 in E Major.

Sierra Hull and her bassist Ethan Jodziewicz are an incredible team! I love it when they play bluegrass, but they also do a great job with this Bach invention!

Tom Walley - 'The Theme from Shawshank Redemption'

It's really hard to record videos with multiple double basses, but Tom Walley show's us the right way to do it! His beautiful arrangement, classy phrasing and superb intonation make this a really special video. Check out to see what I mean! 

Lauren Pierce - 'Maria' (from Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story)

I can remember watching Lauren's video of 'Czardas' for the first time in 2014 and being blown away! Lauren plays the piece beautifully, with passion and a great vibe so it's no surprise that it's had almost 200,000 views! You can see that, as well as her other incredible videos over at her YouTube channel
She has continued to make incredible music like this wonderful version of Maria that's arranged for four double basses! That means four Laurens at the same time!

In addition to being an incredible performer Lauren is also a wonderful teacher and I'm proud that's she's now a part of Discover Double Bass and has created several superb, step-by-step video courses

I hope you enjoyed these, they have brought me a lot of pleasure over the years and I want to thank each one of these artists for sharing their unique talents with the world, for free! It’s mind blowing that we can watch this stuff so easily and I hope it will inspire you to find your voice on the double bass. 

What have I missed? I can only scratch the surface of the great music that’s out there on YouTube so would love to hear what you are listening to.

Cheers Geoff