Phrasing With The Bow – Lauren Pierce Bowing Lesson

How to Phrase with the Bow

In this lesson I get to welcome a wonderful bassist and teacher to Discover Double Bass, Lauren Pierce.  I wanted to share one of the videos with you so chose this as I love the way she plays in the examples, plus it’s a great lesson!

The lesson covers how to use the bow to help with your phrasing and play more creatively. There’s some great ideas in here that should help you regardless of the genre you play. Plus, if you are interested in arco playing this is essential viewing!


It would be great to hear your thoughts on todays topic and of course to welcome Lauren to the site. Join the conversation in the comments below and thanks for checking out the new lesson.

Best of luck with your bowing practice!
Cheers Geoff

P.S incase you’ve not had a chance to hear Lauren play before check out this awesome video!

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