Latin Bass Riff – How To Transpose Your Bass Lines

How to Play a Bass Line in all Keys

In this lesson I teach you a classic Latin style bass riff, then show you how to play it in all 12 Keys. The bass line fits over a minor |I///|II/ V/| chord progression which is very commonly used in all types of music. In fact this riff would work very well over Latin/jazz standards such as “Nature Boy” or “Softly as in a Morning Sunrise”. It’s a very common type of Latin bass groove, so well worth learning.
I also discuss how changing the phrasing will effect the way it grooves. These ideas on how to phrase music can be applied to all of your bass lines, so be sure to try them out!

That’s already a lot of material, however the main objective of this lesson is actually to learn how to transpose your music into all 12 keys. It’s a key skill for all musicians as you never know when you will need to play something in different keys. I’ve found that my students are often unsure about how you actually go about doing this and what the different options are. I use a few different methods which make the whole process a lot easier.

The backing track in three different tempos, notated sheet music with fingerings and written guidance for this lesson are included in the 'Discover Double Bass Lessons Guide'. The guide accompanies my YouTube videos and gives you everything you need to get the most from my lessons.

I really hope you enjoy todays lesson and would love to know what you think about the bass line and transposition method. Please join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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