Double Bass Riff With Open G Pedal Tone – ‘Pushed For Time’

In this lesson I teach you my composition for ‘Pushed for Time’. It’s a bluesy sounding double bass riff which uses the open G string as a reference note for your intonation. This means that to play the piece in tune you need a great hand shape, accurate shifts and careful listening. So it’s technically challenging but also a fun riff to practice. In the lesson I talk you though how to play it and what areas you should focus on to get the best results.

In the video I reference a couple of other lessons:

Arco and Pizzicato Study Piece for Double Bass (L#59)
Unlock the Fingerboard! Double Bass Neck Heel Method for Great Tuning (L#19)

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

The transcription for this lesson is included in the YouTube Bass Lessons Guide. 


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