Vibrato Technique. Add Expression To Your Playing

In this video lesson I demonstrate how to play with vibrato. It’s an essential technique for double bassists to master, regardless of the style of music you play, as it is a key factor in making your music sound more expressive. The difference between musicians who capture your attention and those who don’t is often not what notes they play, but the way they play them. Listen to your favourite bassists and I’m sure you will see how the use of vibrato plays a big part in defining their individual voice on the upright bass. This lesson shows you how to use vibrato to develop your own signature sound.

Vibrato is also especially important for bassists to master as we play a fretless instrument. We need to know how to add it into our playing with purpose, not use it as a mask for poor intonation.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any questions, feedback or lesson requests please leave a comment section below. It’s always great to hear your thoughts.

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Beginner's Double Bass

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