Right Hand Technique – Using Two Fingers To Play Fills

How to Use Two Fingers on Your Right Hand When Playing Fills

Two finger right hand technique can be really effective when playing upright bass at fast tempos or when soloing. In this video lesson I show you how to use two fingers to add fills or ghost notes in your bass lines at slower tempos when you are using the one finger method.  

Most jazz bassists generally use one finger when playing walking bass lines and switch to two as the tempo increases. Playing with one finger sounds great as the tone is thicker than with two and it’s very comfortable. You can also dig in more and really make your bass lines swing. The problems arise when you try to add in fills or ghost notes with the second finger and this lesson will show you how to do that.

To learn more about double bass technique check out 'Beginner's Double Bass: A Step-by-Step Course'. 

I hope you enjoy the video lesson and If you have any tips on how to improve your right hand technique on the double bass please leave a comment below. It’s always great to hear your thoughts, questions, feedback or lesson requests.