Triplet Fills Deep Dive

In this lesson we learn several triplet fills that you can use in your walking bass lines. These ‘triplet drops’ are in the style of players such as Ray Brown and can add interest to keep your bass lines sounding fresh. I use a ‘jazz blues’ in F to demonstrate how they sound in context.

As with most techniques you have to be careful not to overuse these and my example contains way more than you would play normally. However, I wanted to give you lots of options to use in your own walking bass lines.
It’s a great discipline to learn a set piece such as this and pick apart the fills to make sure you can play them fluently.

This lesson is taken from Creating Walking Bass Lines: A step-by-step guide to master walking bass lines. 69 video lessons, 6+hrs.


Creating Walking Bass Lines

69 lessons, 6+ hrs