Switching Between Pizzicato & Arco With German Bow

In this lesson I teach you how to switch between pizzicato and arco when using the German pattern double bass bow. There’s a couple of ways to do it and I show you the methods that were taught to me years ago by a superb teacher Gjorgji Cincievski who first introduced me to the German bow. 

If you play a French pattern double bass check out this superb lesson by Lauren Pierce on switching between pizzicato and arco.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any comments, lesson requests or just want to say hi, please join the conversation in the comments below.

For more lessons on double bass technique please check out Beginner's Double Bass: A step-by-step method. 43 video lessons, 5+ hrs.

'Beginner's Double Bass' by Geoff Chalmers. 43 lessons, 5+hrs. 

'Beginner's Double Bass' by Geoff Chalmers. 43 lessons, 5+hrs.