Slapping with the bow! Double Bass Lesson

In this video Olivier Babaz teaches how to play slap bass using the bow. This can be a really effective way to add a bit of rhythmic interest and groove to your bass lines!

Please Note:

Olivier uses a carbon fibre bow in the video. We don’t recommend trying this with your fine Pernambuco bow and we can't be held responsible for any damage. 

This lesson is taken from our new course, 'Jazz Bowing' by Olivier Babaz. It comprises 61 lessons over 5 hours and is a step-by-step course on jazz bowing technique. It's a great fit if you improvise with the bow and find classical method books aren't giving you what you need.

‘Jazz Bowing’ by Olivier Babaz. 61 lessons, 5hrs.

‘Jazz Bowing’ by Olivier Babaz. 61 lessons, 5hrs.