Sister Sadie on Bass - Playing the Tune!

Learn to Play 'Sister Sadie' on the Double Bass

In this lesson I teach you how to play the melody from 'Sister Sadie' by Horace Silver. It's a great tune and a lot of fun to play on the double bass.
There's a lot to work on as it has a rhythm that's hard to play at full speed and the final A section is in thumb position. 
I also demonstrate some walking bass lines for the B-section whilst the guitar plays the melody. 

Big thanks to my friend Simon King who played both guitar and drums on the backing track! What a player and I love the lines he plays at the start of his solo.

Please join the conversation by leaving a comment below and I hope you enjoy the lesson. Cheers Geoff
P.S This is the 100th Discover Double Bass lesson that Lauren Pierce and I have published on YouTube. Big thanks to you for watching and for all of your support. 


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