Killer Joe - Walking Bass Line Etude

Killer Joe - Walking Bass Etude

In this lesson, John Goldsby teaches us a walking bass line etude based on the jazz standard Killer Joe. It includes some really cool triplet drops in the style of the great Ray Brown.

Killer Joe was written in 1960 by Benny Golson and is a classic tune which is featured in jam sessions all over the world. It’s one that all jazz bassists should know and in this lesson John shares how he approaches it.

So you can hear how the etude sounds in context, John is accompanied by Jamil Sherif on piano and Caroline Boaden on the drums. Big thanks to them both for their superb playing.

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4 hours of video, 45 lessons.

4 hours of video, 45 lessons.

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In this video John references the following recordings of Killer Joe.