Essential Walking Bass Line Patterns

Essential Patterns for Playing Walking Bass Lines

In this lesson I share some essential walking bass patterns. These riffs work over almost any chord which then moves up by an interval of a 4th to the next chord. This is the most common movement between chords, it's literally everywhere, so having some great bass riffs under your fingers will really help you. It's also a simple method that you can use to get started with improvising your own walking bass lines. 

I demonstrate how you can apply these patterns using the chord progression from 'Fly Me to the Moon'.

To learn more with Geoff Chalmers, check out Creating Walking Bass Lines: A step-by-step guide to master walking bass lines. 69 video lessons, 6+hrs.

'Creating Walking Bass Lines' by Geoff Chalmers. 69 lessons, 6hrs. 

'Creating Walking Bass Lines' by Geoff Chalmers. 69 lessons, 6hrs.