Double Bass Pull Off Riff For Left Hand Strength

This lesson features a bass riff of mine that I used to get my left hand back in shape after a recent break from playing.

After a few weeks off I picked up the bass and was struggling to play as my hands felt weaker. I started by working on arpeggios and scales, but wanted something a bit more fun to play. So I came up with this riff to focus in on playing with a good hand shape, accurate timing and to develop dexterity.

I’ve also been working on some up coming lessons about triplet fills and this is very much in the style of those cool fills using pull offs that you hear bassists like Ray Brown, Eddie Gomez and Ron Carter play.

In the video I reference a lesson on learning how to use the neck heel, which is well worth checking out if you haven’t already. I also mention a lesson called 'How to Control Your Left Hand' which will help you get your hand shape under control.

I hope you enjoy the riff and lesson. If you have any questions, feedback or lesson requests please leave a comment directly below the video.


Beginner's Double Bass

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