Circle Of 5ths Vs Scale Pairs – How To Learn Scales In All Keys

Circle of 5ths and Scale Pairs to Learn Arpeggios or Scales in All Keys

In this lesson I teach two methods to learn your scales and arpeggios in all 12 keys. The circle of 5ths is the most well known and a great system that I use all the time. The second is an idea of mine called ‘Scale Pairs’, which groups scales into pairs that share similar or the same fingerings. This makes the learning process a lot quicker!

Regardless of how you choose to practice your scales it’s really important to be working on them regularly and with the correct fingerings. If you want to learn your scales check out ‘Double Bass Scales: The Play-Along Collection’, which is a comprehensive guide. It contains all the information you need from fully notated one-octave and two-octave scales in all twelve keys, detailed fingerings, backing tracks in 2 tempos for every scale and more.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any feedback, lesson suggestions or ideas on how to practice scales, please join the conversation in the comments section below.

'Double Bass Scales: The play-along collection' by Geoff Chalmers. 

'Double Bass Scales: The play-along collection' by Geoff Chalmers.