Top Tips to Learn Arpeggios on the Double Bass

Top Tips to Learn all of Your Arpeggios Quickly

In this lesson I share my top tips for effective practice when you are learning your arpeggios (a.k.a chord tones) on the double bass. Knowing all of the most commonly used arpeggio types (major, minor, dominant 7th and half diminished) in all 12 keys is essential for any bassist wanting to improvise bass lines or solos. If you are playing songs, jazz standards, or any music based on a chord progression you need to know the notes of the chords. This information will help you to make creative choices that your band mates will love! 
In this video I share my top tips on making that process as quick and easy as possible. When you consider there are many different chord types which are all played in 12 keys it may seem like an overwhelming task. I outline several things that will help you to make the most of your practice time and cut down the learning curve! 

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