What Amps, Pickups, Strings & Instruments for the Bowed Bass?

‘Jazz Bowing’ by Olivier Babaz. 61 lessons, 5hrs.

‘Jazz Bowing’ by Olivier Babaz. 61 lessons, 5hrs.

In this video Olivier Babaz and Geoff Chalmers discuss what amplification is suitable for jazz double bassists who use the bow. It can be hard enough to get a good sound when playing arco, but it can be even more challenging when using an amplifier.

We also discuss what instruments and pickups Olivier uses as well as the age-old question, what strings!

I hope you enjoy the video. We would love to hear what bass gear is working for you so please join us in the comments.

We are currently preparing a series of lessons on jazz bowing by Olivier Babaz which are due for release very soon! Stay tuned to Discover Double Bass for updates.


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