David Allen Moore (Classical Double Bass Specialist)

David Allen Moore is a member of L.A Philharmonic, an Associate Professor at USC Thornton and a a faculty member at Domaine Forget.

Since joining Discover Double Bass in 20189 we have published two of David’s courses. The first was German Bow Technique, an in-depth course with over 3 hours of lessons. The second was Fractal Fingering, a new way to understand the fingerboard.

David Allen Moore

David Allen Moore

My goal as a teacher is to provide my students with the master key to a lifetime of improvement and development: to learn how to learn.
— David Allen Moore

What’s the course about?

The 47 video lessons are presented in a step-by-step order giving you a clear and logical route though the course material. Starting with the very basics it covers everything you need to master the fundamentals of German (underhand) bow technique.

The course covers a wide range of essential topics. From advice on the bow hold, posture, starting the string, bow changes, off the string strokes and much more.

German Bow Technique by David Allen Moore - 47 lessons.

German Bow Technique by David Allen Moore - 47 lessons.


At Discover Double Bass we are committed to creating courses by the world’s best double bass teachers. When we were looking for a specialist in German bow technique David’s name kept coming up. He was the first choice of many bassists and students due to his reputation as an expert player and teacher.

We also had a great time at the recording sessions, here’s some photos from behind the scenes.

In addition to the courses David has also recorded videos for the Discover Double Bass YouTube channel. Here’s his first lesson on playing the E string cleanly.


  • David is a D'Addario Bowed Artist and is currently using Kaplan heavy gauge for orchestra playing and Kaplan solos for solo tuning. 

Interview with David Allen Moore:

In this video David is interviewed by Discover Double Bass's founder, Geoff Chalmers.

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