Using the Third Finger in ALL Positions?

Please welcome a world-renowned virtuoso, educator and author to Discover Double Bass! Dr Marcos Machado is Professor of Double Bass at The University of Southern Mississippi and author of the 'Tao of Bass' series of books. He has recently filmed a series of lessons for Discover Double Bass which we will be sharing very soon.

In this discussion with Geoff Chalmers, Marcos Machado discusses the use of the third finger in ALL registers. Marcos also demonstrates his approach to left-hand technique and his concept ‘Integral Technique’, in which many approaches can co-exist.

When using the third finger in lower positions Marcos recommends that you avoid using extensions: “which is very dangerous. I use pivots and “weight transfer” technique”. He also notes that this approach is possible on regular size basses: “There are a few concerns in social media about using these fingerings in big basses. I should have mentioned in the video that I use pivots, not extensions. I developed all my technique in big basses, mostly a 7/8 bass. So, yes, the technique works in any sized bass”.

Marcos Machado
François Rabbath
Franz Simandl
Milton Masciadri

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Check out this short video to see a wonderful demonstration of Marcos Machado’s approach to left-hand technique.