Should You Mark Your Fingerboard?

In this video we discuss one of the most contentious topics in the double bass world, should you add dots or marks to your fingerboard? This is something myself and Lauren are asked frequently, I mean if it’s good enough for Edgar Meyer it’s good enough for me right? As you will find out there’s a lot more to this topic than you might think and people tend to feel very strongly on both sides of the argument. Lauren does have dots in thumb position where as I don’t, so you get to hear a couple of views on this. If you are a beginner I strongly recommend checking it out before adding dots or marks to your bass.

Thanks a lot to Simon for the question and if you would like to join the conversation and share your thoughts on the topic, please leave a comment below.

Also, as this lesson was released on Christmas eve (2015) we have a special video message which was recorded last week whilst I was visiting Houston.  It was great to finally meet Lauren in person and we took some time off double bass chat to film under a Christmas tree!

I hope you enjoy the videos,

Happy holidays, Geoff!