How To Play Bebop Solos On The Double Bass

In this video lesson I teach you how to play bebop style solos on the double bass. When improvising, jazz musicians often use previously learned melodies, phrases and ideas as they construct their solos. Memorising these classic lines will give you material to draw upon and is essential if you want to play in this genre.

To give you an example, I deconstruct the solo from one of my original compositions: ‘Blues For Double Bass’. In the video I show you how to play it and explain the concept I used. I also explain how you can use similar ideas in your own improvising. These lines sound great on the double bass and are a lot of fun to play!

This is the first video of a two part lesson and you can check out the second part here.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any questions, feedback or lesson requests please leave a comment below.

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50 lessons, 4.5+ hrs