Minor Turnaround Part 3 – Soloing Lesson

Here’s the chord progression: [:Dmin7/// Dmin7/// Emin7b5/A7/ Dmin7/A7/:]

In the previous lesson we learnt to create walking bass lines over my composition ‘Minor Turnaround’, which is a study piece for beginner/intermediate jazz bassists. If you are studying jazz bass it’s very important not to focus exclusively on improvisation as there are many benefits to learning set work. Classical bassists routinely learn new study pieces (etudes) which really improve your technique.

In this lesson we are looking at how to solo over the chord progression. It’s based in D minor and contains a ‘minor II V I’, which is essential to know if you are a jazz bassist.

Soloing is a huge subject and in this lesson I cover some of the most common approaches, such as using arpeggios, scalesand different articulations such as slides. As I’m playing I talk through my thought process so you can see exactly how I’m thinking.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and if you have any questions, feedback or lesson requests please leave a comment below.