Funk Double Bass Groove – How To Add Fills To Your Lines

In this video double bass lesson I show you how to play a funk bass line on the upright bass. I explain some of the techniques I use, such as adding rhythmic embellishments, ghost notes and playing in thumb position. Then we take a detailed look at how to add a wider variety of fills to develop your bass lines and get them grooving. The lesson features one of my original compositions called ‘Marco’s Groove’.

I teamed up with to release this one. They share some amazing bass related content from across the internet, including bass performance, lessons and gear reviews.
I hope you enjoy the lesson and my composition, best of luck with your practice, cheers Geoff

The transcription and backing track for this lesson are included in the Discover Double Bass Lessons Guide.


Discover Double Bass Lessons Guide

Transcriptions and Backing Tracks for my YouTube lessons.