Meet Danny Ziemann

In this video Geoff Chalmers interviews jazz double bassist Danny Ziemann. Danny has just joined Discover Double Bass as a new tutor and we took time out from filming lessons to discuss lots of geeky double bass topics! These include what fingering system he uses, the strings and bass he plays, what's the best advice he's received as a student and what it was like to study with Dave Holland. I hope you enjoy the conversation! Please make Danny welcome by leaving a comment below the video and we will be sharing more of his lessons with you very soon!

In the video Danny references his course 'The Bass Player's Guide to the Trio' 3.5hrs long with 50 lessons in a step-by-step order. It's currently on offer for this week only (ends Sunday 29th April). 

To learn more about Danny Ziemann and to check out his books 'The Low Down Vol 1&2' please visit

Here's a great performance video we released last week so you can see Danny and his band mates in action!