Adam Ben Ezra (Discover Double Bass Tutor)

Geoff Chalmers

Adam Ben Ezra is a sensational soloist who is on a mission to bring double bass out of the shadows with his innovative techniques and thrilling performances.

His Discover Double Bass course 'The Signature Sounds of Adam Ben Ezra' covers his unique approach to the instrument and teaches you to find your own voice. 

When I teach what I know and share what I love it makes me want to keep on discovering more... So after many of you asking me how do you do what you do?!… Here it is! You can now learn all my secrets of double bass playing; from bass drumming to making your bass sound like an electric guitar.
— Adam Ben Ezra

The story behind the course:

At Discover Double Bass we are committed to creating courses by the world’s best double bassists and as a true innovator Adam was right at the top of our list! We arranged for Adam to film the course in the U.K at a recording studio on Dutch Barge which is owned by Pete Townsend of the Who! As soon as we heard about it’s rock and roll heritage we knew it would be the perfect setting!

We also provide detailed transcriptions of each exercise alongside the video so you have everything you need to get the most from these lessons. For the full details, including a free preview video please check out ‘The Signature Sounds of Adam Ben Ezra’.


Hear Adam Play:

A spellbinding performance!
— The Telegraph
Bringing the double bass out of the shadows.

I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with!
— Time


In this video Adam is interviewed by Discover Double Bass's founder, Geoff Chalmers. They discuss Adam's approach to practising, preferred fingering systems, equipment and more.